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Jujubee Midge

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The pattern was first tied by Charlie Craven in his Denver area fly shop - Charlie's Fly Box. Charlie is known as an innovative tier and has developed other successful patterns. This pattern was developed to take finicky trout on tail waters. The pattern and accompanying story can be found in the December 2005, Fly Fisherman magazine.

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Hook:Tiemco 2488 or Dai-Riki 125 #18-#24
Thread:White 10/0 or smaller for the body and Black 10/0 or smaller for the thorax.
Abdomen:Super Hair, three strands
Wing Case:White Umpqua Fluoro Fibre
Thorax:Black thread
Wing Buds:Fluoro Fibre from Wing Case

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Tying Instructions

  1. Attach white thread one eye length back from the hook eye and tie in three strands of Super Hair.
  2. The Super Hair does not need to be attached in any specific order.(Recommend tying the Super Hair on the side of the hook.)
  3. Wrap back over the Super Hair to about halfway down the hook bend and then wrap forward to the starting point.
  4. Twist the thread to keep the underbody flat, slim and smooth. [Remember, twisting counter clockwise will flatten the thread.]
  5. Before wrapping the abdomen, pull the three strands of Super Hair straight up to get them on top of the thread base.
  6. Wrap all three strands of Super Hair forward in tight, touching turns to the thread tie-in point and tie them off.  [Hint: As the SH is wrapped, it tends to wrap around itself. As you make each turn, give the bundle a slight turn to the right.]
  7. Clip the butt end of the Super Hair. Whip-finish the white thread and clip the tag end.
  8. Attach the black thread over the location of the thorax. Tie in a dozen Fluoro Fibre filaments over the front edge of the abdomen.
  9. Build a bulging thorax of black thread over the front 20% of the hook shank. [Use the hook point as a reference point.] Leave an empty space one eye length directly behind the hook eye.
  10. Pull the Fluoro Fibre over the thorax and tie it down with two tight wraps behind the hook eye.
  11. Divide the Fluoro Fibre into two equal clumps. Pull one half back along the far side of the hook and bind it in place with two turns of thread. Pull the remaining strands back along the near side and bind them down as well.
  12. Build a smooth thread head to cover the tie-down area. Whip-finish and clip the remaining strands of Fluoro Fibre so they are the same length as the thorax.

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